3M Canada

3M Canada

The SolarWall® system will save 3M approximately $6,100
annually, at 2006 natural gas prices, and will provide a
hedge against escalating energy prices. The system will
also displace over 32 tons of CO2 per year. Due to the
success of the this project—and the fact that the SolarWall®
technology is a repeatable energy solution—
preparation has begun for additional SolarWall®
installations at other 3M facilities


3M Canada, a global leader in innovation, and manufacturer of a wide variety of products, has a history of progressive environmental policy. In the 1970s, 3M Canada launched a cardboard recycling and energy conservation program. They have been recognized for their long standing green initiatives by multiple groups and organizations such as; The London Chamber of Commerce, who presented 3M Canada with the Industrial Environmental Award, and Ontario Hydro, who lauded 3M’s commitment to the environment by honoring them with the Ontario Hydro Energy Award. 3M Canada’s conservation efforts have lead to the reduction of over 590 million tons of pollution from manufacturing operations over the last few decades. When 3M decided to investigate solar technology for heating and ventilation at their Perth Ontario manufacturing plant, they sought the leader in the solar heating field, and chose Conserval Engineering for their award winning SolarWall® technology.


The SolarWall® air heating technology was a perfect fit for 3M Canada’s Perth manufacturing plant. The facility required fresh ventilation air, and with the SolarWall system, the air is preheated from the sun, reducing heating costs and fossil fuel consumption—simultaneously saving money and working towards environmental objectives. John Reid, Engineering Specialist at the 3M facility in Perth said: “We are very happy with it. The SolarWall works great. There are no moving parts, the wall is selfmaintaining… At 3M, we are looking at reducing our energy consumption. Most of our projects are energy reduction projects where we have looked at using energy more efficiently. The SolarWall is the only project we have implemented where we have a renewable ‘free’ ongoing source of energy.”