Ontario Poultry Barns

Year: 2012

Location: Ontario

Ontario Poultry Barns

SolarWall systems have been widely used across the poultry industries in Ontario and Quebec, with close to one thousand barns implementing the technology for ventilation heating. Below are a few examples of typical systems.

Sheldon Martin Broiler Chicken Barn

This 16,800 square foot barn will accommodate up to 14,000 chickens. The chickens typically stay in the barn for 35-50 days until they are full grown. They require a consistent indoor air temperature that varies between 70-90°F, depending on the size of the chickens.

The SolarWall system is 2,096 square feet and will heat up to 19,000 cfm of ventilation air.

Dave Medows Broiler Chicken Barn

This 21,600 square foot barn was sized for a 2,680 square foot SolarWall system that is used to heat the high volume of ventilation air that is required in chicken broiler applications. The SolarWall system was sized to heat up to 20,000 cfm of air, and will displace the propane that is currently being used.

Bruce Litner Broiler Chicken Barn

Two SolarWall systems, each measuring around 2,500 square feet, were installed on two barns at this broiler chicken operation. Both barns are two stories high and the SolarWall systems were designed to heat 12,000 cfm of air per floor (24,000 cfm per barn and 48,000 cfm between the two barns). The systems were also angled out to accommodate the air inlets for both floors.