“Better get your meter checked”

Most industrial facilities require a high volume of make-up air to satisfy indoor air quality standards. For factories, the cost of heating this make-up air can be their largest single energy or operating expenditure. SolarWall systems heat incoming ventilation air before it enters the building, which decreases the load on the traditional heaters. This generates significant energy savings – typically in the range of 20-50% of heating fuel consumption.

“Our gas and electric bills are ridiculously low compared to our other facilities. Our gas supplier said we had better get our meter checked because it shows we are using way too little gas.”~ Demetrius Tsafaridis, President of Steelcare referring to their use of the SolarWall technology on their manufacturing plant.

SolarWall systems are sized to meet the energy & ventilation requirements of the facility, bringing in anywhere from 2 to 10 cfm per square foot of collector. Since the SolarWall technology heats fresh air, it ensures a high level of indoor air quality which improves employee comfort levels. SolarWall systems also require no maintenance.

The SolarWall air heating technology can also be used for industrial process heat applications and in mining operations. Mines typically have enormous ventilation rates and rely on expensive & carbon-intensive fuels because of their remote locations. Generating heat energy on-site with a SolarWall system is very financially compelling in these applications.

Featured Review

What this wall does it provide you with tremendous amounts of heated fresh air for free… This is a really cost effective way of improving the work place.

Ken Rossi, Manager of Plant Engineering, Ford Motor Company, Oakville Assembly Plant

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