Energy Security & Resilience with SolarWall Heating

Hundreds of military and government agency buildings have achieved federal energy reduction targets and Net Zero Energy initiatives with the application of SolarWall solutions. In heating climates, indoor space and ventilation heating can comprise half the energy consumption of many buildings. SolarWall systems address this significant energy demand, and are a proven, reliable, building-integrated technology that reduce heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

SolarWall® systems have been integrated into hundreds of military hangars, vehicle maintenance facilities, logistics centers, gymnasiums, warehouses, depots, readiness centers, training support centers, water treatment plants and hazardous storage facilities. SolarWall systems ensure a safe supply of heat energy on-site, in both new build and in retrofit applications.

SolarWall solar ventilation preheating systems have been recommended by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) as being one of the “most cost–effective” technologies available to reduce thermal heating to help Net Zero Energy bases achieve their targets.

Featured Review

I put them anywhere I can find a spot. Mainly, SolarWallsare on large metal buildings like hangars or the hazmat building…If it’s 30 degrees outside, we’ll get 80 degrees discharged to the building…
(Along with) renewable energy, which is part of (the Army’s energy) philosophy, is to protect the environment, reduce global warming and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. That reliance on foreign oil gets us into trouble.

Steve Rowley, Public Works Energy Manager at Fort Drum, NY

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