Green Building Certification

SolarWall® for Green Building Certification

SolarWall® air heating systems have been helping facilitate all levels of LEED® certification through all versions of the LEED® Standard.  SolarWall systems may help contribute points in the following categories:  Energy & Atmosphere; Indoor Environmental Quality; and Materials & Resources.

SolarWall heating systems are also specified to help satisfy other Green Building Standards, including:

Zero Carbon
The SolarWall technology was a key component of the first Zero Carbon Certified Building in Canada; the Evolv1 Urban Office Building.

Net Zero
SolarWall systems are routinely incorporated in Net Zero buildings.

Passive House
SolarWall systems are in the design phase for several new commercial buildings seeking this certification.

Other Municipal Standards
Many municipalities may have their own customized energy targets in place, and SolarWall systems help achieve those goals by reducing the fossil-based heating load.

Featured Review

We specified SolarWall for the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute after speaking with the representatives of the firm. They attended early meetings with the design team, assisted in the preparation of documents required for LEED® certification and were at all times enthusiastic and supportive of the team and the project. I know that for the sustainable construction industry to really achieve their goals, we need innovative manufacturers, suppliers and installers like the SolarWall team.

Carol Kleinfeldt, B.Arch., MOAA, MAAA, FRAIC, LEED A.P. Partner, KMA Inc

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