Sherbrooke Hospital

Sherbrooke Hospital

The SolarWall®
system contributes to the hospital’s overall
energy strategy, supplying 149MWh per year of renewable
energy and reducing 40 tons of GHG emissions each year.
The hospital’s total reduction in their energy costs will
reach $1.5 million, which represents a 48% decrease.
From an environmental perspective, that equals the
reduction of 9078 tons of CO2 each year, which is the
equivalent of taking 2800 cars off the road.


The Sherbrooke University Hospital is the 4th largest hospital in Quebec with a staff of 10,000 people and 700 beds. The hospital embarked on a comprehensive energy upgrade program to reduce ongoing operating costs and lower their CO2 footprint. The energy efficiency firm Ecosystem was selected to oversee the $20 million energy upgrade program and they made recommendations on different technology solutions to address heating, lighting, cooling, and ventilation. Ecosystem guarantees the energy savings for their projects, so only well-established technologies were included in the upgrade program. A SolarWall® system was selected to provide solar heated ventilation air for one of the wings in the hospital.


The SolarWall® air heating system was installed on the 82 meter long mechanical room located on the top floor of the hospital. The 2,500 ft2 (250 m2 ) solar collector will preheat 27,000 cfm of fresh air through two HAVC units. The SolarWall system is fully integrated into the penthouse and it can be seen from miles away