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Remote Arctic and Sub-Artic communities face a duel challenge; cold weather for a substantial part of the year combined with expensive choices when it comes to traditional fuel sources. The heating season in the far north is typically over 9 months of the year, which means huge costs associated with indoor heating and ventilation heating. And this situation is amplified by the reality that many of these remote communities have to rely on very expensive & carbon-intensive fuels that are flown in or brought in on trucks over great distances.

SolarWall air heating systems work especially well in cold and northern climates because of the low azimuth of the spring and fall sun which reflect sunlight off the snow. This enhances the performance of the system during those months by 50-70%, and this is further enhanced by the long hours of sunlight during the spring, summer, and fall. The returns are also substantial given the high proportion of days in the spring, summer and fall that are extremely sunny, yet very cold. This compensates for the shortened duration of the system during the winter months when the hours of available sunlight are less.

Generating heat energy on-site with a SolarWall systems is very compelling in terms of reducing energy costs and the corresponding carbon emissions. Past applications include schools, recreations centers, prisons, airports, research facilities, and government buildings.

SolarWall systems have been used above the Arctic Circle, in Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and at the South Pole so it is a reliable choice for clean heating that is rugged enough to withstand any extreme weather.

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The simplest, most efficient – and least expensive – way to preheat outside air for industrial and commercial applications is through the use of a perforated-plate absorber or a solar air heating system such as the SolarWall.

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