Green Leadership

Governments of all levels are the owners of buildings, and this affords them the opportunity to reduce energy costs within their jurisdiction and “lead by example” in terms of displacing CO2 emissions. Given that almost 50% of the world’s energy usage in the building sector is used for heating, any comprehensive energy and carbon reduction strategy must include directives to promote clean heating. This is something that can be easily accomplished with the SolarWall technology, which heats incoming ventilation air and reduces the load on the conventional heating system.

SolarWall® systems are used on a variety of institutional buildings, including; hospitals, schools, community centers, indoor pools, libraries, bus and vehicle maintenance garages, police and emergency services buildings, water and waste treatment plants, housing authorities, offices, courthouses and other municipal complexes.

Featured Review

Municipalities are in it for the long term. It’s a good investment for government funded agencies. A lot of agencies’ mechanical systems are beyond their life expectancies and this is a good opportunity to easily tie in renewable savings with modern equipment. This [SolarWall] project shows that we are trying to be leaders in the renewable energy field.

Robert Bisson, Governor of Manitoba Housing Authority

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