I want my building to look good!

SolarWall systems allow companies to reduce their carbon footprint with measures on-site while ensuring their facilities look great. Because SolarWall systems are made of metal, there is a lot of flexibility in how they are incorporated into the building envelope. They are available in a wide range of colors, can be shaped to maintain any desired architectural style. In some cases, can even become an architectural focal point.

Ventilation and space heating can comprise up to 50+% of a building’s energy consumption in colder climates, so to affect widespread carbon reductions, it is essential to implement clean heating / renewable thermal solutions. SolarWall systems address this significant energy demand and are a reliable and repeatable solution to reduce costs and GHG emissions. Companies using the SolarWall technology as part of their corporate green energy strategy also reap the benefit of lowering their ongoing operating costs for the next 30+ years.

And because SolarWall systems heat fresh air, facilities can improve their indoor air quality, which is a benefit to employees and patrons alike.


You have to look at the values associated with energy use. When they look at it, many people are surprised at the inefficiencies that might be there. Some don’t bother to make the changes, but even if you have to borrow the money to make the changes, it will be well worth it down the road….We changed the appearance of the SolarWall on our store. The bottom is kicked out to create a shadow on the bottom. This way, there is more character to its appearance.

Don Moseley, Special Projects Engineer for Wal-Mart

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