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Most jurisdictions require common areas and hallways in multi-residential facilities (condominiums, apartments, senior living centers) to be continuously ventilated and pressurized to satisfy fire codes. Heating this large volume of air with conventional means is expensive, which is why many housing authorities and condo developers are using SolarWall® systems in their buildings.

SolarWall systems are routinely specified as part of building remediation and building envelope upgrades in older buildings that have localized deterioration, air infiltration, and moisture damage. This is very common in brick buildings that have gone through several decades of freeze/thaw cycles. In retrofit applications, SolarWall heating is one of the few technologies that can be easily integrated into existing high-rise buildings where it doubles as the exterior cladding, in addition to generating on-site heat energy for the next 30 years.

SolarWall systems have been applied in a variety of different architectural configurations for new condos and apartments where they represent the best-in-class technology for modern-day clean heating.

SolarWall equipped buildings can also take in much more fresh air at fraction of the cost, helping to create a happy and healthy indoor environment for all residents!

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This system works!We are saving money because the gas heaters haven’t been on.

Windsor Housing Authority

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