Why Solarwall

The Many Benefits of SolarWall® Air Heating

Creator of
Solar Air Heating Sector

The invention and commercialization of the SolarWall® technology by Conserval Engineering established the global field of solar air heating for commercial and industrial buildings.

Unique Solar Air
heating Technology

Conserval’s suite of innovative technologies—most notably our internationally acclaimed SolarWall® Systems—remain unmatched in simplicity, reliability, performance, and return on investment.

Over 30 Years of
Unmatched Experience

As the market leader for solar air heating, Conserval manufacturers and designs SolarWall systems for applications in every facet of the commercial and industrial space, with over 5 million square feet of collectors installed worldwide

Projects Across
40 Countries

Since pioneering solar air heating in the 1980s, Conserval has delivered custom engineered solutions to clients across 7 continents, with projects as far north as Alaska and as far south as the South Pole.


Solar Heating Thousands
of Existing Buildings

Thousands of existing facilities have used SolarWall heating systems to help achieve their specific energy reduction targets. The systems have been used for industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, military buildings, hangars, warehouses, vehicle maintenance facilities, multi-residential apartments and high-rises, schools, commercial buildings, airports, poultry barns, government buildings, water and sewage treatment plants, and for process heat applications.

Eliminates Large Source Of GHG Emissions

Indoor space & ventilation heating – as well as process heat – are typically the largest requirements for fossil-based energy in the building industry, also making it a significant source of GHG emissions. SolarWall® systems displace between 20-50% of heating fuel consumption and corresponding GHG emissions.

One of The Top Energy Innovations

In 2014, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) honored the SolarWall® system as one of the top 9 energy innovations of the past 200 years, alongside the jet engine, the electric generator, and the light bulb. The SolarWall® technology has consistently received numerous industry awards over the past two decades, including Popular Science and R&D Magazine.

Architectural Versatility & Building Integrated

The SolarWall® technology is not an “out of the box” system. It is a renewable energy cladding system that can be integrated into a new building’s exterior wall assembly, or brought on as a retrofit application. Either way, the system is custom designed to meet each project’s heating, ventilation, aesthetic and energy-saving requirements. SolarWall systems have been used on architectural projects around the world with a consistent track record of successful results and eye-catching designs.