Architectural Versatility

Get Creative with a SolarWall® System

The SolarWall® technology is very architecturally versatile and can be styled, shaped, and designed in a variety of colors and profiles to augment the building envelope & generate on-site energy. SolarWall systems have been used on architectural projects around the world with a consistent track record of successful results and eye-catching designs; some are seamlessly integrated into the building envelope and others are curved or angled to achieve a desired appearance.

This flexibility of design allows architects to integrate a SolarWall system into a building while maintaining the desired architectural language of the project.

SolarWall systems are applied alongside a variety of building facades systems from masonry and concrete to insulted metal panels, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and other metal cladding. It can be hard to distinguish where the SolarWall system ends, and another metal cladding system begins, which facilitates a consistent exterior design that is appealing.

The SolarWall technology is also favored by architects who want to use solar air heating because of its applicability to various green building standards and renewable energy targets The end result is a portfolio of award-winning Net-Zero, Zero Carbon & LEED® certified buildings where the SolarWall system was a vital component of the project’s success.

Featured Review

The integration of Solarwall into a complex façade is an indication of the versatility and adaptability of the product. Detailing is no more difficult than with any metal siding product and the benefits are extraordinary, given the straight forward detailing of the installation and operational ideals presented by Solarwall.
The assimilation of the Solarwall façade within the architectural language of the project is a welcome relief to other solar technologies that tend to overwhelm the design and budget constraints that most projects need to respect. And given that we must provide a skin to the exterior wall assembly, the fact that Solarwall provides a “working” skin, makes this choice an easy and responsible decision.

Carol Kleinfeldt, Principal, KMA Architects

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