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In preheating the inbound fresh air, SolarWall air heating saves on heating costs and contributes to clean energy targets. SolarWall systems also reduce the cost of maintaining the building’s fresh air supply, which is essential in educational facilities. When air flow and ventilation falls below optimal levels, students can feel sluggish and inattentive, and it has nothing to do with the caliber of the classroom content! Schools need to have 15 cfm (25 m3/h) of air flow per student, which means that fresh air must be let in continuously. In any heating climate, conditioning large volumes of air is expensive, but SolarWall systems can help substantially. And the result is that schools get good, fresh air flow at low cost – and students stay alert.

Showcasing the best solar technologies is also of significant educational value. Many school boards and colleges & universities recognize that installing clean energy systems onsite serves as an educational tool to instruct students about the renewable energy technologies that will become mainstream in their lifetime. When a SolarWall heating system is installed in a school, it gives students a hands-on way to see how conventional energy use can be reduced, and gives teachers a great tool to use for covering several curriculum components.

In short, choosing to install a SolarWall heating system sets a great example for students and provides a unique teaching tool while helping to create a healthier and more energy-filled environment.

Featured Review

Knowing that we’re doing something [for the environment] is important. Teachers use it in their energy units. When the kids go outside and look at the SolarWall, they’re surprised that something as plain and simple as that can do what it does. The students that know it’s there are proud of it.

School Principal, Weledeh Catholic School, Northwest Territories

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