Photovoltaics (PV) convert solar energy into electricity. SolarWall harnesses solar energy to heat air. With the new SolarWall PV/T systems, photovoltaic panels are installed overtop SolarWall panels, producing 100% renewable electricy and heat from the same surface

This cogeneration technology is also available in the SolarDuct PV/T rooftop application

How it Works


Photovoltaic (PV) component:
The PV panels convert solar radiation into an electric current that can be used on-site, stored for later use, or fed back to the electrical grid for financial incentives. The majority of the solar radiation striking the PV panels, however, is lost as heat energy.

Thermal (T) component:
The SolarWall or SolarDuct system doubles as the PV-racking system and draws the excess heat away from the PV modules, significantly increasing their electrical output. The heat generated from the PV and solar thermal collector panels is used to heat the building’s fresh air supply. The existing HVAC intake fans draw this fresh, solar-heated air through micro-perforations in the SolarWall panels, through insulated mechanical ducting,
and into the HVAC units.

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