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In either new construction or in retrofit applications, SolarWall systems have the ability to achieve huge long-term energy savings in public works facilities that are continuously ventilating large quantities of air. The use of the clean heating technology also reduces GHG emissions so it helps municipalities achieve whatever energy reduction targets may be in place. Most new buildings are being constructed to the latest energy standards that include on-site renewable energy generation. This can be accomplished with the inclusion of the SolarWall technology to preheat ventilation air or to assist with process heat. This generates significant energy savings – typically in the range of 20-50% of heating fuel consumption.

Heating can typically be one of the largest energy expenditures in public works facilities. The ability of a SolarWall system to address this energy usage and to displace a sizable amount of it – and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions – explains why the technology has such a compelling return on investment, and why “from an operational point of view, [it] is the greatest technology in the world.” (Quote from Desmond Raymond, Parks Canada)

SolarWall heating systems are straightforward to install, as they are made of metal, and are easily integrated into any type of facility configuration.

Featured Review

It’s like free gas for your car…We were using metal fascia anyway, and there was a conventional ventilation system. Just by adding the SolarWall panels, it became this solar thing that lets them save energy and money. Like I said, it’s like backing up to a free gas pump.

Dave Stafford, architect at Thurston Design

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