Solar Heated Animal Barns

The SolarWall technology is easily integrated into conventional livestock ventilation systems and pre-heats the incoming air by as much as 50°F (27°C) in these applications. SolarWall systems will accommodate up to 1.25 cfm per square foot of barn floor. (Minimum ventilation)

In poultry ventilation, SolarWall system can be designed to handle the minimum ventilation requirements for the winter, spring and fall months, as well as the first two weeks in summer for the brooding period. For poultry, the typical indoor temperatures begin at around 90°F (32°C) for the brooding period and are gradually decreased to around 70°F (22°C) as the chickens becomes bigger. This means that chicken barns (as well as other forms of livestock) can require heat for up to 10 months of the year. In these applications, SolarWall systems have been credited with decreasing the use of traditional fuel by up to 30%. This substantial – and ongoing – reduction in operating costs improves profitability, and illustrates why this solar ventilation technology has been extensively used in the chicken and hog communities.

As well, chicken producers have reported additional benefits of solar poultry ventilation in terms of decreased bird mortality due to improved indoor air quality. As well, cold drafts on chicken are eliminated because the metal SolarWall system provides an additional baffle that stops incoming cold wind.

The SolarWall technology is also helpful for eliminating humidity and for drying nurseries after thorough cleanings.

Featured Review

There’s start-up cost to installing a solar thermal wall, just like there is for any other type of building material. After that, from the perspective of your monthly power bill, you’re effectively locked in at a low rate for the life of your building.

Trent Sundgaard, Sundgaard Poultry Farm Ltd, Alberta

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